• easy and automated

Nothing to set up, start, monitor, manage or put away - IT JUST WORKS

  • New Revenue Stream

Leverage sponsorships to generate ongoing revenue

  • create and share clips

Save highlight clips from archived video and download or share on social media

  • 24/7 Live Streaming Platform

Streams are always on so you never miss any action

  • Highest Quality Video

HD 1080p high-end cameras deliver clear and enjoyable live video quality

  • Cloud hosted video servers

Robust and optimized long term storage with no additional fees


1. Verify Site Requirements

Does the site have internet and power?

2. Pick Hardware Package

We have range of cameras and options

3. Install Hardware & Embed Stream

Professional installation or self-install

Why Sports Channel Media?

  • 24/7 high quality 1080p live video of all games
  • Permanently installed equipment so “it’s always on”
  • Fully hosted platform with auto-archive cloud storage
  • All footage stored for up to 3 months for on-demand viewing
  • Viewers can create, save and share highlight clips on social media
  • Smart & extremely affordable systems for sports facilities!

New Revenue Stream Platform

  • Simple revenue share partnership promotes profits
  • Leverage high impact overlay sponsorship slots
  • Generate residual revenue from loyal sponsors
  • Increase awareness for local merchants and vendors
  • Our audience averages over 40 minutes per session
  • Value based system with unique repeat branding for sponsors